The Lion's Den

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Meal 1: 3 egg whites & 3 oz lean turkey
Meal 2: 5 oz protein & 3/4 cup mixed veggies
Meal 3:
Meal 4:
Meal 5:

Meal 6:

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Please allow a 24 hour period to respond.
Thank you for your patience. We are excited to be apart of your fitness & health journey!

****All Orders not picked up by Wednesday morning will be discarded and the order will not be refunded. 


Select G Runner Delivery when you order on mindbody! They will call you once I go thru all our orders & submit the information to G Runners.

***ALL Orders must be placed by Friday before midnight.

***Any orders placed after cut off will be rolled over for the following week!

We want you to focus specifically on working out, eating right, and enjoying your life with family and friends!

Children's meal pricing for 12 years & under:

  • Breakfast - $2.50
  • Lunch - $3.50
  • Dinner - $3.50
  • Snacks - $2.25

Weekly Meals - $65.00

Includes – 5 Breakfast, 5 lunch, 5 dinner 10 snacks. 

The Lion's Den Meal Pricing:

5 Day Include: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & 2 Snacks

  • Small- $78 4-5 oz Protein 3-4 Oz Sides
  • Medium- $88 6-7 Oz Protein 4 oz Sides
  • Large- $98 8-9 Oz Protein 4 oz Sides
  • Bulk- $133 10-12 Oz Protein 4 Oz of veggies , & 1 Cup of Either rice, Quinoa, or couscous

You can also order the specific meal choices from the upcoming menu individually when you order on our website!

Options available:

Regular Menu, Paleo, Vegetarian, & Pescatarian.

Select Which type of plan you would like us to prep!


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There are additional options on our so that we can further tailor all your specific needs!

Our Mission is to provide you with the finest quality of freshness while helping you execute your fitness/health goals. we want to save you time, money, & the frustration of prepping your meals! 

We can ensure you that your meals are prepped in a licensed commercial kitchen with the highest standards  of freshness, cleanliness, & safety around!